Asia’s Top Locations For Breathtaking Art Work

Every one of us has an extraordinary talent which begins from our ancient ancestors up until now. Some skills are in the form of music, arts, literature, etc. However, in this generation, it seems that technology is invading the traditional type of song and creativity we used to. They are called digital arts/music, and they are utilizing in some movies. If you are an art lover and wanted to go back to the past or see the beauty of arts around the world, then this article is an ideal media for you. There are a lot of famous artworks around the world.

Asia is one of the continents that is rich in cultures, history including its famous artworks. So here are the examples you should not miss to review:


1. Kalinga Tattoo artist Whang Od

Apo Whang Od is one of the oldest traditional Tattoo artists in Kalinga, Philippines. Her works for the tattoo is composed of a permanent organic ink which will keep the ancient Filipino tradition of body art alive.

2. “The fruit Gatherer.”

It was painted by one of the greatest Filipino painter- Fernando Amorsolo in the year of 1950.

3. Mother and Child.

Napoleon Abueva is one of the popular Filipino Sculpturist, and he created this beautiful sculpture dated during the 1960s. It represents the natural beauty of childbirth and motherhood. It is one of the historical artifacts which is kept in the Philippine museum.

4. Fort Bonifacio street art

Fort Bonifacio is a former army camp which is now in arts and commerce district of the uber-wealthy Ayala family. Clarino and Dee Jae Pa’este are the artist in charge to install more art for kids.

*** Japan ***

1. Japanese Media Artist Makes Robotic Flower That Measures Love

We can’t deny that Japan is the first country leading to technological advancement. As technology increases, there are new things human can think. Asai(Japanese Artist) sought to measure the amount of love and peace in the world through an exhibition called “Connected Flower.” It is incredible how humanoid flower opens when people say loving things online.

2. Bento

Japanese are also creative in a way wherein they turned a certain kind of food into a piece of art. This kind of art is made by creating unique color in lunchboxes that makes the food look cute (kawaii in Japanese).

3. The unusual: Chichu Art Museum

This museum is found at the Naoshima, Japan. What makes it bizarre is that is was tucked underground and only used natural sunlight to illuminate the museum works. It is a combination of architectural innovation and creativity and is proven when you reached yourself in the air.

4. The Ninomaru Palace at Nijo Castle

Japan is also rich in historical events, and a lot of palaces locating in different areas. The Ninomaru Palace at Nijo Castle is one of the example 17th century Momoyama Period architecture. It is full of wood carving and sliding painted doors. This palace is stunning that you can’t even think it is built in ancient time. We want to give a big shout out to NuVision Auto Glass for sending in their stories and photos of traveling around Japan! Check out this photo they sent us from their travels… great job guys!

Photo submitted by our readers at NuVision Auto Glass of Hokkaido, Japan.

Asian Art That Will Overwhelm Your Senses

Art in Asia is very different compared to other regions in all parts of the world. Remaining countries in Asia have rich traditions and cultures mixed with art which is somehow attracting tourist and art lovers. Thus, Ancient and future painter and sculpturist also have an enormous contribution to the field of Arts.

Here is the list of countries in Asia together with their great arts:

1. China

* Chinese Pottery

China has the most number of production of Chinese porcelain pottery around the world. During the Tang Dynasty, people saw and experimented various fire (high-fired and low-fired) ceramics which means during ancient times, the ceramics that they are developing are long lasting and decorative in styles. Making porcelain pots and bowls is a creative artwork by Chinese.

* Popular ink painters

Ink painting is also common is Chinese culture and also plays an integral part thousand of years ago. Here are the famous ink painters and their works:

Liu Dan- He is most famous for depicting landscapes, flowers, and guai shi – or “odd stones.” His paintings are a top choice during auctions.

Tseng Ting-Yu- He is focused to make pieces for political or social statement rather than usual aesthetic canvas.

Yang Jiechang- He is best known for his earliest series: “Hundred Layers of Ink.” He applied four layers of fresh ink per each piece until the paper had reached saturation.

Lin Yusi- Most works of Lin Yusi is much less monochromatic rather than those of his many contemporaries. He is a fable painter of landscapes, birds, flower, and people.

Wang Dongling- One of the most notable Chinese Calligraphers.

2. Vietnam

* Tuyen Vu’s Lotus Flower Paintings

Tuyen Vu is an artist in Vietnam that concentrates and is famous for creating lotus paintings together with their symbolic meanings. One of his recognized masterpieces is The Dancing Towards Summer.

*Hoi An, Vietnam’s Pottery Village

Vietnamese are also known for making incredible pots. The Hoi An Pottery Village is owned by Mrs. Thoi and attracts curious visitors as well as photographers. It is now over 40 years together with the skilled craftsmen. The place is full of pots and vases and is somehow different from the typical items that we are used to seeing.

*Best Art and Design Stores Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

If you travel, then there are instances that we have to go for souvenir art stores that have a painter, sculptor or illustrator. Here are the best locations you can choose: The Line of Photocopy Stores on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, The Stationery Stores on Le Loi Street, Ngan Thong Paper Shop on Pasteur Street, Hoa Pham 62 on Nguyen Duy Street and the Art Friend.

Art Around The World – SouthEast Asia

Art has a high impact when it comes to the economy and tradition of a particular place or location. We used to say that an artwork varies from different categories; it may be from a form of sculptures, photography, paintings, sketchings, carvings, drawings, etc. In Asia, there are a lot of nations wherein the culture of arts is still preserving. The continent of Asia is composed of 50 countries and did you know that 60% of people on earth live here. Let us check the majestic masterpieces made by the famous artist in different countries in Asia:

1. Thailand

*Spectacular Food Carving Tradition

It is an excellent form of art wherein Thai fruits are transformed into an authentic piece of design. It needs a lot of dedication to practice and perform it in various food houses or restaurants. Most of the finished product displays around the fancy restaurants and hotels. The standard type of fruits that are used here are watermelons, pumpkin, melons, etc.

*Puppet Theatre and its history

This traditional art puppetry culture is slowly fading during Thai’s cultural scene. It is an ancient art which is commonly seen during shows and is composed of music and a narrator. Of course, they are used during festivals, fairs, and other events. It can surely bring entertainment to everyone due to it is the nature of being unique from other productions.

*Best Photography Spots

Another type of art is photography, so when you get to Bangkok, Thailand, here are some of the best spots you can go to take striking snap shooting artworks: Wat Maha Pruettharam Worawihan, Airplane Graveyard, The Khlongs, Lumpini Park, Erawan Shrine and Grand Palace.

2.South Korea

*Cho Kyung-what Dakpaper Doll Workshop

If you are afraid of dolls, then this place is not for you to visit. A kanji in the Korean term means a traditional handmade paper. It is somehow another bizarre type of art because dolls are made via paperwork. A combination of techniques and history is here as a wide variety of puppets are created by masters and artisans was displayed to picture the 1960s Korea.

* Korea’s art museums

List of art galleries found in Korea is OpenspaceBae, Busan Museum Art, Soul Art Space, Johyun Gallery, Gallery 604, idm Gallery, Kim’s Airfield Museum, IndieSpace AGIT, and Gamcheon Culture Village.

3. India

* Paintings of Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore also is known as Guruven was once India’s most famous Renaissance figures. He has a lot of paintings composing of Animals and Composites, Landscapes, Dramatic Figures and Scenes, and Human Faces and Characters.

*Sudipta Das

It is made of clays and has a dangling shape of native people in New Delhi representing a constant voyage.

*Imran Qureshi

It is a painting that has a red color flower depicting a troubled state of Imran Quereshi- a Pakistani artist and painter.

*Madhvi Subrahmanian

The sculptures of Madhvi is her version of counterpart in the old European maps also called Mappa Mundi. It consists of circular sculptures marked with lines that mimic the routes shown on Google Maps. It is genuinely a strange kind of treasure she made to portray her explorations about the disconnection of urban from nature.

Heading To Australia? Check Out This Art Work

The best part of our life is when we used to know all about the history or different traditions and cultures even the lifestyle of a particular place or region in the world. Of course, as time goes by, we don’t want to stick in a home or office without having additional creativity in our body. So the best thing we can do is to either enhance our talents or explore on the internet about what is in or out. Arts is one of the good examples we can talk from the beginning of the history up to present. Or the easiest way is to discover art in a specific place around our planet. One of the continent I can example is Australia. And did you know that Australia has the least population after Antartica having overall 14 counties to be exact?

Here is the list of popular artistic works made by either famous or infamous artist in Australia:

1. The Ingenious Styles of Australia’s Aboriginal Art

Under the sub-categories includes:

Dot Painting – Indigenous painters were able to form complex symbols and picture through the use of frail bold dots. The National Gallery of Australia purchased the canvas of Clifford Possum which is the Warlugulong for a record AU$2.4 million. It is very unusual and unique to see by the use of our eyes.

Cross Hatching- It is common in Nothern Australia and is traditionally used for ceremonial paintings. Kunwinjku Aboriginal people believed that overlaid patterns hold spiritual power. So basically, this type of art is for native tribes in Australia.

Rock Art- Archeological discoveries proved that Aboriginal people lived in Australia thousands of years ago because at the very bottom of part of Narwala Gabarnmang rock shelter has a sharp image of mixed animals, fish, reptiles, and humans as well as fantastic imagery and depictions of traditional rituals.

2. Top Art Galleries in Sydney

Arterial Gallery, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Carlton Projects, and Wellington Street Projects are one of the most popular galleries you can visit around Sydney if you want to know about arts in Australia.

3. Australian Sculpture Parks you should visit

National Gallery of Australia Sculpture Garden- It was planted and built 22 years ago.

Macquarie University Sculpture Park- It is found in New South Wales, and its focus is to collect contemporary sculptures mainly by Australian artists.

Heide Museum of Modern Art Sculpture Park and Plaza- The place locates in Melbourne started a sculpture park with two works: Ron Upton’s Three Forms (1964) and David Tolley’s Man/Woman (1966). It is is a relaxing sculpture plaza and nothing you more to say about the classics you’ll see.

African Art You Can’t-Miss

Art is ubiquitous around the world, it can be seen exclusively in museums, or the unpopular artist also makes it in some remote areas. Another continent in the world which is Africa has many unpublished histories of arts and culture in public. To have a quick trivia, Africa is the hottest continent and home of the largest desert on the planet. Let us explore how amazing it is to be in an African type of creativity.

Here are the famous African paintings that you can view and see right away when you hit the place.

1. Les Chadoufs by Mahmoud Said

The painting portrays the history of Egypt during the Egyptian Rennaisance. It contains the people of Egypt working so hard building their community. This artwork is one of the most expensive all the time costing over 2 million.

2. Retopistics: A renegade excavation by Julie Mehretu

The representation looks like a typical cosmology; however, lovers of painting will appreciate this kind of artistry in far distant which a lot of events and stories. It is just like composed of colorful shapes, lines, and shades; however it very lovely to see in the eyes.

3. Construction of the Suez Canal by Abdul Hadi El-Gazzar

The Suez Canal played an important role in trading after the 1952 Revolution in El-Gazzar, Egypt. Development of the canvas shows a keen awareness of Abdul’s environment and knowledge to social-political issues. The artwork is purely made by a watercolor and gouache masterpiece.

4. Two Arabs by Irma Stern

This oil painting canvas by Irma earned around 1.5 Million Dollars. Considering it as one of the most expensive portraits in the year of 2011.

5. Bohora Girl by Irma Stern

Irma is one of the significant and famous painters in Africa. Her artwork of Bohora Girl portrays about the people she met while traveling through Zanzibar. Some depictions intrigued the Western World. It is astonishing to know that there is a chivalric masterpiece which helps us to know about the historical past of everything an artist did.

6. Farm Jonkershoek with Twin Peaks Beyond, Stellenbosch by Jacob Hendrik Pierneef

It is an art that is listed as one of the most expensive painting because in the year 2017 it fetched over R20 million. When you see this kind of canvas, you’ll feel that you are inside on it having a twin peak of the mountain and a house below.

7. Arab by Irma Stern

The painting only focuses on an Arab and the face contemplates with kindness. Irma is one of the great painters in Africa and has a lot of contribution in the field of fine arts.

Famous Art In Europe

There is a lot of reason for you to love Europe, not only because it has the most extensive and political union around the world, but because it is also rich in culture and heritage. Different countries have several famous artworks that attract tourists.

Here are the examples that you might check and see:

Italy- Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

This painting is probably the most popular artwork around the entire globe. Exposing its great scene in Louvre in France. The French French King François Ier bought it in early 1516. This kind of picture is unique and incomparable to other faces; Monalisa has no eyebrows in the representation.

Turkey- The Tortoise Trainer by Osman Hamdi Bey

Osman is known as the most prominent painter in Turkish Art. He has a message for the society why he designed the picture with a trainer and a turtle. It means that change is challenging which requires much patience while the five turtles describe as the stubborn, resistant and slow changing society. His artwork is awe-inspiring and meaningful to the people who want to see it.

Bulgaria- Self Portrait by Zahari Zograf in 1841

The most popular and pre-eminent person in the Bulgarian national revival is no other than Zahari. He became famous with his church mural paintings and icons. This man is very talented and is one of the leaders of secular art in Bulgaria.

Greece- The Children’s Concert by Georgios Jakobides in 1990

This portrait was one of the most famous Greek paintings of the 20th century and is instantly recognizable throughout Greece today. It is often similar to other artworks; however, this painting has a unique style of formatting.

Albania- Village Landscape by Vangjush Mio in 1939

Vangjush Mio is one of the notable landscape painters in the 20th century in Albania. His work is always remembered due to its capability of portraying a community composting of autumn sunlight beside the waters of Lake Ohrid, and floodlit plains of Korça covered in snow. Such beautiful and excellent artwork.

Macedonia- Mother and Child by Nikola Martinoski in 1967

The composition is very expressive that everybody can get it at a glance. It is a combination of a mother hugging her child which depict as the beginning of motherhood and how a mother will take care of her child as the time goes by. Nikola is known as an artist with an expressionistic style.

The Czech Republic- Maude Adams as Joan of Arc by Alfons Mucha in 1909

This painting depicts American actress Maude Adams in the role of Joan of Arc in Friedrich Schiller’s “Die Jungfrau von Orleans” (“The Maid of Orleans”). The representation is charming and is right in the eyes of the viewers.

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