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African Art You Can’t-Miss

Art is ubiquitous around the world, it can be seen exclusively in museums, or the unpopular artist also makes it in some remote areas. Another continent in the world which is Africa has many unpublished histories of arts and culture in public. To have a quick trivia, Africa is the hottest continent and home of the largest desert on the planet. Let us explore how amazing it is to be in an African type of creativity.

Here are the famous African paintings that you can view and see right away when you hit the place.

1. Les Chadoufs by Mahmoud Said

The painting portrays the history of Egypt during the Egyptian Rennaisance. It contains the people of Egypt working so hard building their community. This artwork is one of the most expensive all the time costing over 2 million.

2. Retopistics: A renegade excavation by Julie Mehretu

The representation looks like a typical cosmology; however, lovers of painting will appreciate this kind of artistry in far distant which a lot of events and stories. It is just like composed of colorful shapes, lines, and shades; however it very lovely to see in the eyes.

3. Construction of the Suez Canal by Abdul Hadi El-Gazzar

The Suez Canal played an important role in trading after the 1952 Revolution in El-Gazzar, Egypt. Development of the canvas shows a keen awareness of Abdul’s environment and knowledge to social-political issues. The artwork is purely made by a watercolor and gouache masterpiece.

4. Two Arabs by Irma Stern

This oil painting canvas by Irma earned around 1.5 Million Dollars. Considering it as one of the most expensive portraits in the year of 2011.

5. Bohora Girl by Irma Stern

Irma is one of the significant and famous painters in Africa. Her artwork of Bohora Girl portrays about the people she met while traveling through Zanzibar. Some depictions intrigued the Western World. It is astonishing to know that there is a chivalric masterpiece which helps us to know about the historical past of everything an artist did.

6. Farm Jonkershoek with Twin Peaks Beyond, Stellenbosch by Jacob Hendrik Pierneef

It is an art that is listed as one of the most expensive painting because in the year 2017 it fetched over R20 million. When you see this kind of canvas, you’ll feel that you are inside on it having a twin peak of the mountain and a house below.

7. Arab by Irma Stern

The painting only focuses on an Arab and the face contemplates with kindness. Irma is one of the great painters in Africa and has a lot of contribution in the field of fine arts.