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Heading To Australia? Check Out This Art Work

The best part of our life is when we used to know all about the history or different traditions and cultures even the lifestyle of a particular place or region in the world. Of course, as time goes by, we don’t want to stick in a home or office without having additional creativity in our body. So the best thing we can do is to either enhance our talents or explore on the internet about what is in or out. Arts is one of the good examples we can talk from the beginning of the history up to present. Or the easiest way is to discover art in a specific place around our planet. One of the continent I can example is Australia. And did you know that Australia has the least population after Antartica having overall 14 counties to be exact?

Here is the list of popular artistic works made by either famous or infamous artist in Australia:

1. The Ingenious Styles of Australia’s Aboriginal Art

Under the sub-categories includes:

Dot Painting – Indigenous painters were able to form complex symbols and picture through the use of frail bold dots. The National Gallery of Australia purchased the canvas of Clifford Possum which is the Warlugulong for a record AU$2.4 million. It is very unusual and unique to see by the use of our eyes.

Cross Hatching- It is common in Nothern Australia and is traditionally used for ceremonial paintings. Kunwinjku Aboriginal people believed that overlaid patterns hold spiritual power. So basically, this type of art is for native tribes in Australia.

Rock Art- Archeological discoveries proved that Aboriginal people lived in Australia thousands of years ago because at the very bottom of part of Narwala Gabarnmang rock shelter has a sharp image of mixed animals, fish, reptiles, and humans as well as fantastic imagery and depictions of traditional rituals.

2. Top Art Galleries in Sydney

Arterial Gallery, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Carlton Projects, and Wellington Street Projects are one of the most popular galleries you can visit around Sydney if you want to know about arts in Australia.

3. Australian Sculpture Parks you should visit

National Gallery of Australia Sculpture Garden- It was planted and built 22 years ago.

Macquarie University Sculpture Park- It is found in New South Wales, and its focus is to collect contemporary sculptures mainly by Australian artists.

Heide Museum of Modern Art Sculpture Park and Plaza- The place locates in Melbourne started a sculpture park with two works: Ron Upton’s Three Forms (1964) and David Tolley’s Man/Woman (1966). It is is a relaxing sculpture plaza and nothing you more to say about the classics you’ll see.