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Art Around The World – SouthEast Asia

Art has a high impact when it comes to the economy and tradition of a particular place or location. We used to say that an artwork varies from different categories; it may be from a form of sculptures, photography, paintings, sketchings, carvings, drawings, etc. In Asia, there are a lot of nations wherein the culture of arts is still preserving. The continent of Asia is composed of 50 countries and did you know that 60% of people on earth live here. Let us check the majestic masterpieces made by the famous artist in different countries in Asia:

1. Thailand

*Spectacular Food Carving Tradition

It is an excellent form of art wherein Thai fruits are transformed into an authentic piece of design. It needs a lot of dedication to practice and perform it in various food houses or restaurants. Most of the finished product displays around the fancy restaurants and hotels. The standard type of fruits that are used here are watermelons, pumpkin, melons, etc.

*Puppet Theatre and its history

This traditional art puppetry culture is slowly fading during Thai’s cultural scene. It is an ancient art which is commonly seen during shows and is composed of music and a narrator. Of course, they are used during festivals, fairs, and other events. It can surely bring entertainment to everyone due to it is the nature of being unique from other productions.

*Best Photography Spots

Another type of art is photography, so when you get to Bangkok, Thailand, here are some of the best spots you can go to take striking snap shooting artworks: Wat Maha Pruettharam Worawihan, Airplane Graveyard, The Khlongs, Lumpini Park, Erawan Shrine and Grand Palace.

2.South Korea

*Cho Kyung-what Dakpaper Doll Workshop

If you are afraid of dolls, then this place is not for you to visit. A kanji in the Korean term means a traditional handmade paper. It is somehow another bizarre type of art because dolls are made via paperwork. A combination of techniques and history is here as a wide variety of puppets are created by masters and artisans was displayed to picture the 1960s Korea.

* Korea’s art museums

List of art galleries found in Korea is OpenspaceBae, Busan Museum Art, Soul Art Space, Johyun Gallery, Gallery 604, idm Gallery, Kim’s Airfield Museum, IndieSpace AGIT, and Gamcheon Culture Village.

3. India

* Paintings of Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore also is known as Guruven was once India’s most famous Renaissance figures. He has a lot of paintings composing of Animals and Composites, Landscapes, Dramatic Figures and Scenes, and Human Faces and Characters.

*Sudipta Das

It is made of clays and has a dangling shape of native people in New Delhi representing a constant voyage.

*Imran Qureshi

It is a painting that has a red color flower depicting a troubled state of Imran Quereshi- a Pakistani artist and painter.

*Madhvi Subrahmanian

The sculptures of Madhvi is her version of counterpart in the old European maps also called Mappa Mundi. It consists of circular sculptures marked with lines that mimic the routes shown on Google Maps. It is genuinely a strange kind of treasure she made to portray her explorations about the disconnection of urban from nature.