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Asian Art That Will Overwhelm Your Senses

Art in Asia is very different compared to other regions in all parts of the world. Remaining countries in Asia have rich traditions and cultures mixed with art which is somehow attracting tourist and art lovers. Thus, Ancient and future painter and sculpturist also have an enormous contribution to the field of Arts.

Here is the list of countries in Asia together with their great arts:

1. China

* Chinese Pottery

China has the most number of production of Chinese porcelain pottery around the world. During the Tang Dynasty, people saw and experimented various fire (high-fired and low-fired) ceramics which means during ancient times, the ceramics that they are developing are long lasting and decorative in styles. Making porcelain pots and bowls is a creative artwork by Chinese.

* Popular ink painters

Ink painting is also common is Chinese culture and also plays an integral part thousand of years ago. Here are the famous ink painters and their works:

Liu Dan- He is most famous for depicting landscapes, flowers, and guai shi – or “odd stones.” His paintings are a top choice during auctions.

Tseng Ting-Yu- He is focused to make pieces for political or social statement rather than usual aesthetic canvas.

Yang Jiechang- He is best known for his earliest series: “Hundred Layers of Ink.” He applied four layers of fresh ink per each piece until the paper had reached saturation.

Lin Yusi- Most works of Lin Yusi is much less monochromatic rather than those of his many contemporaries. He is a fable painter of landscapes, birds, flower, and people.

Wang Dongling- One of the most notable Chinese Calligraphers.

2. Vietnam

* Tuyen Vu’s Lotus Flower Paintings

Tuyen Vu is an artist in Vietnam that concentrates and is famous for creating lotus paintings together with their symbolic meanings. One of his recognized masterpieces is The Dancing Towards Summer.

*Hoi An, Vietnam’s Pottery Village

Vietnamese are also known for making incredible pots. The Hoi An Pottery Village is owned by Mrs. Thoi and attracts curious visitors as well as photographers. It is now over 40 years together with the skilled craftsmen. The place is full of pots and vases and is somehow different from the typical items that we are used to seeing.

*Best Art and Design Stores Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

If you travel, then there are instances that we have to go for souvenir art stores that have a painter, sculptor or illustrator. Here are the best locations you can choose: The Line of Photocopy Stores on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, The Stationery Stores on Le Loi Street, Ngan Thong Paper Shop on Pasteur Street, Hoa Pham 62 on Nguyen Duy Street and the Art Friend.