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Asia’s Top Locations For Breathtaking Art Work

Every one of us has an extraordinary talent which begins from our ancient ancestors up until now. Some skills are in the form of music, arts, literature, etc. However, in this generation, it seems that technology is invading the traditional type of song and creativity we used to. They are called digital arts/music, and they are utilizing in some movies. If you are an art lover and wanted to go back to the past or see the beauty of arts around the world, then this article is an ideal media for you. There are a lot of famous artworks around the world.

Asia is one of the continents that is rich in cultures, history including its famous artworks. So here are the examples you should not miss to review:


1. Kalinga Tattoo artist Whang Od

Apo Whang Od is one of the oldest traditional Tattoo artists in Kalinga, Philippines. Her works for the tattoo is composed of a permanent organic ink which will keep the ancient Filipino tradition of body art alive.

2. “The fruit Gatherer.”

It was painted by one of the greatest Filipino painter- Fernando Amorsolo in the year of 1950.

3. Mother and Child.

Napoleon Abueva is one of the popular Filipino Sculpturist, and he created this beautiful sculpture dated during the 1960s. It represents the natural beauty of childbirth and motherhood. It is one of the historical artifacts which is kept in the Philippine museum.

4. Fort Bonifacio street art

Fort Bonifacio is a former army camp which is now in arts and commerce district of the uber-wealthy Ayala family. Clarino and Dee Jae Pa’este are the artist in charge to install more art for kids.

*** Japan ***

1. Japanese Media Artist Makes Robotic Flower That Measures Love

We can’t deny that Japan is the first country leading to technological advancement. As technology increases, there are new things human can think. Asai(Japanese Artist) sought to measure the amount of love and peace in the world through an exhibition called “Connected Flower.” It is incredible how humanoid flower opens when people say loving things online.

2. Bento

Japanese are also creative in a way wherein they turned a certain kind of food into a piece of art. This kind of art is made by creating unique color in lunchboxes that makes the food look cute (kawaii in Japanese).

3. The unusual: Chichu Art Museum

This museum is found at the Naoshima, Japan. What makes it bizarre is that is was tucked underground and only used natural sunlight to illuminate the museum works. It is a combination of architectural innovation and creativity and is proven when you reached yourself in the air.

4. The Ninomaru Palace at Nijo Castle

Japan is also rich in historical events, and a lot of palaces locating in different areas. The Ninomaru Palace at Nijo Castle is one of the example 17th century Momoyama Period architecture. It is full of wood carving and sliding painted doors. This palace is stunning that you can’t even think it is built in ancient time. We want to give a big shout out to NuVision Auto Glass for sending in their stories and photos of traveling around Japan! Check out this photo they sent us from their travels… great job guys!

Photo submitted by our readers at NuVision Auto Glass of Hokkaido, Japan.