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Explore Arabian Thriving Traditional Arts and Crafts

The land of Saudi Arabia is wealthy in history of crafts as well as their art masterpieces, which is truly world-class. Crafts show the essence of everyday life of a certain Arabian people while arts represent many depictions around the places of Saudia Arabia.

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In this way, it is a mixture of their culture and history, which can produce an excellent masterpiece to offer the world. Creativity is what makes Arabic more productive and artistic. Here are some examples you should know!

1.Arabian Nights by Hans Zatzka (Painting)

Zatzka is an incredible Austrian painter who made the Arabian Nights, which is a portrait of a woman dancing through the night. His canvass is specially made from oil, and the size is 75.2 x 63.1 cm.

2. Jewelry (Crafts)

Arabic men and women often used jewelry to present an excellent form of body creativeness. Another essential role of having jewelry to women is to show their signs of economic status and wealth. Hizam is a waist belt while the Melwi is the twisted silver bracelet.

3. Human Waterfall Sculptures

You can find this fantastic and terrific artwork in Dubai, which aims to catch and the attention and admiration of tourists or visitors. It is so much mesmerizing as the waterfall along with the artwork runs through the intact height of the mall and can be seen from all four levels. Moreover, human waterfall sculptures were developed recently in the year 2009.

4. Dresses and costumes (crafts)

The traditional costumes of Saudi typically come from the combination of black and burgundy, which makes them very decorative. While the colors dark green and violet, are also the other standard colors that they are often used. In the Hijazi thobe, detailed lead beading work is applied.

5. Arab Horseman in a landscape by Adolf Schreyer

Adolf Schreyer was extremely inspired by the Arab landscape and culture. This instance led him to probably learn and understand the local culture during his trip to the place. This painting depicts the marching of Arabian riders wherein a red flag which was handled by a leader symbolizes that something intense is going to happen.

6. Weaving (crafts)

Colorful Arabic tents and camel shoulder decorations are primarily from weaving. Bedouin weaving comes with longitudinal stripes in plain weaves. They also weave curtains, blankets, saddlebags, pillows, bags, and clothes.

7. Chorus Sculpture

Korean Sculptor named Jaehyo Lee develops this magnificent sculpture which can be found in Dubai. He obtains an inspiration to finish this artwork by the flow and movement of a group in Gwanghwamun Square in South Korea. What is best and unbelievable about this improbable masterpiece is that it was made from nails, wood, stone, steel as well as natural materials like leaves and branches.