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Filipino Artworks: A World-Class Masterpiece

One excellent representation everybody should know and also consider is the beauty of art around the world. And when it comes to that, Filipino artists have an exceptional talent to showcase to society. Their masterpieces also have various in-depth meaning about history, life, and culture of the Filipino people. If you’re interested and excited to discover these fantastic artworks, the National Museum of the Philippines exhibits an extensive collection of works by esteemed Philippine artists. They all include masters like Felix Resurrection Hidalgo, Fernando Amorsolo and Juan Luna to modernist painters such as Jose T. Joya, Hernando Ocampo, and Vicente Manansala. Here is the list of 5 great artworks you should see at the National Museum.

1.Senate Hall of the Old Legislative Building Relief Carvings – Isabelo Tampingco

Tampingco was a descendant of Chinese sculptors based in Binondo. So, there is no wonder that he has a beautiful talent for constructing life-like figures and embellishing carvings which primarily incorporated Philippine motifs. As time passes by, he decided to open his studio in Quiapo, Manila. The Old Senate session hall at the National Museum should not be ignored as it was designed with tricky carvings of classical figures and leitmotifs.

2. Spolarium -Juan Luna

Juan Luna is one of the most well known Filipino painters who obtain an inspiration to draw about the early colonization of the Spaniards. Spolarium was recognized as the most famous artwork in the Nationa Museum. The term “Spolarium” refers to the foundation of the Colosseum in Rome wherein the gladiators were shredded their garments and weapons after the bloody battle and left to take up to their last breath.

3. Philippine’s Progress of Medicine – Carlos V. Francisco

This stunning four-series painting by Francisco illustrates the history and development of Philippine medicine over the ages. Furthermore, he is a muralist painter and is recognized as one of the first artists to avert way from Amorsolo’s romanticism of the Philippine subject element. It is incredible to know that despite the antiquity of the painting, it was restored several times in 1974, 1991, and 2006. You should never miss this series as it was stated a national treasure in 2011.

4. The Hills of Nikko – Jose Joya

One excellent style and technique to show the masterpiece of Joya is abstract expressionism. This painting depicts the snowy and freezing wintertime in Nikko, Japan, and this was created after the visit of Joya to Japan. Moreover, this unimaginable masterpiece represents human flaws, while the earthly colors are symbolizing humankind and its boundaries. The blues and greens are said to outline hope.

5.Ruins of the Legislative Building – Fernando Amorsolo

Fernando Amorsolo is famous for being known at his lovely panoramic landscapes. On the other hand, he usually takes inspiration through World War II devastation of Manila. The image showcases the conventional spectrum of soft colors seen in Amorsolo’s landscapes. However, the ruins of once impressive construction give the viewer a concept of the improbable aftermath of the war. Nowadays, the legislative building is converted to the National Museum of Fine Arts.