Famous Art In Europe

There is a lot of reason for you to love Europe, not only because it has the most extensive and political union around the world, but because it is also rich in culture and heritage. Different countries have several famous artworks that attract tourists.

Here are the examples that you might check and see:

Italy- Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

This painting is probably the most popular artwork around the entire globe. Exposing its great scene in Louvre in France. The French French King François Ier bought it in early 1516. This kind of picture is unique and incomparable to other faces; Monalisa has no eyebrows in the representation.

Turkey- The Tortoise Trainer by Osman Hamdi Bey

Osman is known as the most prominent painter in Turkish Art. He has a message for the society why he designed the picture with a trainer and a turtle. It means that change is challenging which requires much patience while the five turtles describe as the stubborn, resistant and slow changing society. His artwork is awe-inspiring and meaningful to the people who want to see it.

Bulgaria- Self Portrait by Zahari Zograf in 1841

The most popular and pre-eminent person in the Bulgarian national revival is no other than Zahari. He became famous with his church mural paintings and icons. This man is very talented and is one of the leaders of secular art in Bulgaria.

Greece- The Children’s Concert by Georgios Jakobides in 1990

This portrait was one of the most famous Greek paintings of the 20th century and is instantly recognizable throughout Greece today. It is often similar to other artworks; however, this painting has a unique style of formatting.

Albania- Village Landscape by Vangjush Mio in 1939

Vangjush Mio is one of the notable landscape painters in the 20th century in Albania. His work is always remembered due to its capability of portraying a community composting of autumn sunlight beside the waters of Lake Ohrid, and floodlit plains of Korça covered in snow. Such beautiful and excellent artwork.

Macedonia- Mother and Child by Nikola Martinoski in 1967

The composition is very expressive that everybody can get it at a glance. It is a combination of a mother hugging her child which depict as the beginning of motherhood and how a mother will take care of her child as the time goes by. Nikola is known as an artist with an expressionistic style.

The Czech Republic- Maude Adams as Joan of Arc by Alfons Mucha in 1909

This painting depicts American actress Maude Adams in the role of Joan of Arc in Friedrich Schiller’s “Die Jungfrau von Orleans” (“The Maid of Orleans”). The representation is charming and is right in the eyes of the viewers.

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